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Progress! 100.7 Acres Restored!

Updated: Jun 4

Sea and Shoreline reported this on May 3, 2024. Save Crystal River is over the moon happy with the progress!


"I wanted to share some exciting news regarding our progress in phase 5 area 5B. The dredge crew has a mere 500 square feet left before completion! We had plants delivered from the farm and the biology team will be ready for installation on Monday! This area is 3.64 acres and will receive nearly 20,000 planting units. Upon the completion of plant and cage installation, this will put us at a total of 100.7 acres restored as part of the Kings Bay Restoration Project."



As of May 8, 2024: About 270 cages installed and 50 plants hand-planted. More to come - this is very exciting!

How can you play an important part in helping Save Crystal River to restore and protect the health and beauty of Crystal River and Florida's waterways? Volunteer your time and talents, or donate easily right online at

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