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Planting Eelgrass; creative commons image
VR goggles to see underwater video; creative commons image
kids with a real manatee skeleton; creative commons image

Since 2017, Crystal River Primary School teachers have worked with their students showing them how eelgrass grows and teaching them how to plant it in Hunter Springs once a year during planting day. Now, other children can have the same joy and engagement when teachers use this "Rock Star Eelgrass Curriculum" (last updated March, 2024).  This 66 page Curriculum includes Pre- and Post-Tests and Formative pages.  


How Will This Help Your Students?

  • Engage students in the active process of civic participation to empower them to have a voice in their community.

  • Awareness of the environmental issues in their own community provides students with a way to express their opinion and develop a sense of environmental stewardship.

  • The success of this critical project is designed to ensure a legacy that will protect this unique gem of the Nature Coast for your students and for future generations.

  • Multiple Educational Standards can be met and applied during this process.

For more information, contact our Education Committee at: 

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