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swimming manatee; creative commons image


Donate to Save Crystal River

Make a significant impact in efforts to restore & protect Crystal River & Florida's waterways.

How can you help?

Every single person who lives in your neighborhood has an impact on the health of Kings Bay and Crystal River. The closer you are to the water, the bigger the impact. We must all share in the responsibility to protect the precious ecosystem for future generations and there are many ways that you can help! Save – Help protect the hard work and new eelgrass plants with safe anchoring practices and trimming up your proprs in shallow water. Let others know, too. Protect – Volunteer with Save Crystal River – There are plenty of ways you can contribute when you volunteer with us. Email us at Describe your skills. We’ll find a way for you to join the cause. Interest – Help us gain interest from local and state leaders. Write letters of support to your local newspaper and send them to us! We need all the help and support we can get to raise awareness and receive additional funding for this project. Nitrogen and Phosphorus – Don’t use fertilizer on your lawns that back up to the water. Algae blooms when Nitrogen is plentiful in the water. Nitrogen is one of the main ingredients in all fertilizers and your lawn really doesn’t need it. Save money! Don’t use fertilizer. Also, pick-up any pet waste, so it too will not go into our beautiful springs. Give – Donate to SCR to help us reach the goal of a clean Kings Bay and all the waterways in Crystal River and beyond! Share – Talk to your friends and neighbors – Spread the word about protecting the eelgrass & helping SCR. Follow us on our Facebook Page @SaveCrystalRiver. Send us your photos (that may be a great resource to post on our Instagram page), to

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