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Reponsible Anchoring Crystal River

Responsible Anchoring

As we restore beds of eelgrass, it's important that they stay protected in order to grow and flourish for years to come.  One of the biggest threats to the sea floor are hazardous anchoring practices and damage caused by propellers. Anchors must be lifted before moving a boat and propellers need to be propped up when passing through the shallows.  Even if a boater is only moving a few feet, it can cause scars to the bottom of the waterways that last decades.  This slows the growth of helpful vegetation, removes the primary food source for manatees and the safe haven and safe haven for other sea life. Save Crystal River's Responsible Anchoring Program offers rebates towards the purchase and installation of power pole anchors for qualifying tour operators and anglers.  To learn more and find out if you qualify, email us at

Kids learn about responsible anchoring; creative commons image
Boat scars in Crystal River; creative commons image

Thank you and a huge shout out for using Eco-friendly anchors!

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