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Manatee Fever

This art movement was created by Feed the Manatees and Save Crystal River, to bring awareness and funding to save the manatees in Crystal River, the original “Home of the Manatees”. You can now create your own custom-designed manatee!  

Florida manatees are large, aquatic mammals that are native to Florida. Adult manatees are typically 9-10 feet long from snout to tail and weigh around 1,000 pounds; however, they may grow to over 13 feet long and weigh more than 3,500 pounds. The surface of a manatee mold provides an excellent canvas for an artist.

(Locations of each manatee statue are on the map below.)


Corporations, private donors or individuals may sponsor a manatee to be painted by an artist with the design of their choice.*

The first to own a customized manatee, were in time for the 100th anniversary of Crystal River in July 2023! This is a limited time offer; only a few commemorative manatees are left! Manatees are displayed around the city, or at a location selected by the sponsor.

To learn more about the program and to become a sponsor, please inquire via email to

*Donations go toward all efforts in feeding the manatees. This includes the planting of eelgrass,

gathering of grasses and grass feeding efforts to manatees in rescue, protection, and rehabilitation facilities.”

Crystal River
Guy Harvey with his manatee; creative commons image statue

Guy Harvey, Artist

Chad Halleen, Sponsor

Meet our newest Manatee by Guy Harvey!

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