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Kids learn about planting eelgrass; creative commons image

Eco Week

In 2015 over 6800 letters, written by students of Citrus County, were brought to Legislative Days in Tallahassee by Save Crystal River. The overwhelming community support in restoring our precious Kings Bay secured us the necessary funding for our pilot project in Hunter Springs. Since then, Save Crystal River has spearheaded ECO Week at Crystal River Primary School to help educate students about the benefits of eelgrass. Every classroom grows a Rock Star "Eelgrass Farm" and during the semester, all students investigate the benefits of healthy waterways and conduct numerous S.T.E.M. activities using some of the latest scientific technology ranging from water quality sensors to virtual reality videos of the project area. These students are the stewards of tomorrow and have an ongoing commitment to our Outstanding Florida Waterways. At the end of the school year, nearly 2000 plants, lovingly grown in the classrooms are planted in Hunter Springs by the 5th Graders. As a result, Crystal River Primary School has achieved the Green Flag Award from the National Wildlife Federation. This school is one of the very few in the state to achieve this award! As a focus for community engagement, these students and their teachers have enthusiastically embraced their ownership for the future of our resources.

You can be a Rock Star too! Visit our
K-5 Eelgrass Curriculum
to start your journey!

Be a Rock Star

At the end of the school year, all of the 5th graders in Crystal River get to plant the eelgrass in Hunter Springs that they have been growing all year in their classrooms.

Students Planting Eelgrass; creative commons image

Responsible Anchoring

Crystal River Elementary students learn firsthand the damaging effects that certain anchors have on eelgrass beds.

Anchor Pull; creative commons image

Hands On Learning

Save Crystal River is proud to partner with PBS to offer this interactive learning experience.  Click on this image to see the program.

hands on learning PBS; creative commons image
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