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Continuing to save the "Home of the Manatees"

This time of year is our favorite, as our beloved manatees return in mass to Crystal River, due to year-round cooler temperatures and ample eelgrass for them to enjoy.

Hurricane Idalia gave us a scare last year, as the storm surge left a saltwater intrusion that impacted the eelgrass plants. From the surface, the loss was visible in some parts, but do not be worried or fooled! The eelgrass took root and made Crystal River its home, just like the manatees have. As the spring weather returns, nature is bouncing back and the strong, salt tolerant, native eelgrasses are making a resurgence.

Just as Hurricane Idalia cannot stop this community and ecosystem from rebounding, Save Crystal River is continuing to save the "Home of the Manatees", Crystal River. Please join us in this mission to keep Crystal River as a magical place for people (and sea life!) from all over the world to enjoy, for generations to come. (20+) Facebook

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