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What are Save Crystal River and Sea & Shoreline doing about the excess floating grass?

Fortunately, we have recently brought in a new, custom-designed seagrass collecting machine to gather the floating grass and remove it from the surface.

The removal of the floating seagrass has a few benefits:

  1. It reduces the shading of the seagrass growing on the bottom, so it can continue to thrive, grow, and spread in the ecosystem.

  2. It removes the collection of floating grass from residential areas (in areas where we are permitted). Please see maps below that show the permitted areas 1-7).

  3. When gathered, Save Crystal River and Sea & Shoreline are making it available to feed manatees in captivity. Unlike lettuce, this is more nutritious and teaches them to forage for the same kind of food they will find in their natural environment.

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