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How can we, our neighbors, commercial vendors, & visitors from around the world help?

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Restoring, Protecting, and Saving Crystal River takes ALL OF US.

Some things every one of us can do to help with the excess floating seagrass clippings are:

  1. Trim props on all boats – especially at low tide.

  2. Don’t drag anchors through the seagrass.

  3. Get a power pole, spud anchor or mushroom anchor to prevent seagrass destruction and excess floating grass in the water.

  4. Be good stewards of the waterways, practice responsible anchoring, and protect the restoration efforts that everyone has worked so hard for and supported for the past 10 years.

  5. As always, your donations and volunteer efforts to Save Crystal River always help to keep moving this restoration effort forward.

We all understand the desire to focus on the areas surrounding homes, and we want to see that happen for all of our community, our citizens, and visitors.

Please trust the process and expert team working on your behalf as they continue to put forth all possible efforts to keep Crystal River, clean, safe, and beautiful for current and future generations!

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