Committed to conserve, protect, and restore Florida’s distinctive natural resources and quality of life for future generations.

lyngbya filled canalAfter: Healthy eel grass thriving and feeding happy manatees Credit: Bree Lajoie/Fun2Dive

Before & After Restoration Efforts


Our Kings Bay Restoration Project is actively restoring acres of water habitat each year. Our goal: 92.4 acres restored by 2023.


We share how our marine ecosystem must be helped to thrive.  We support both marine life and the lives of people who share this resource.


We promote science-based approaches to improve Florida waters.  We lead efforts to optimize restoration, secure funding, and overcome obstacles to maintaining sustainable aquatic ecosystems.

Why has Crystal River Become Saltier?

By |August 18th, 2020|Categories: Below the Water Line, News|

The salinity levels of Crystal River have been rising the past few years largely due to two main factors: acid rain and fertilizer runoff. Acid rain dissolves harmful salts found in concrete, which raise the salinity of freshwater sources, and fertilizer contains many salts which, when over used, can be washed by rain into nearby waterways.

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Turbidity and Salinity in Water Quality

By |August 11th, 2020|Categories: Below the Water Line, News, Science|

While Save Crystal River’s efforts to plant eelgrass does not reduce salinity, the grasses themselves have the capacity to thrive in both saltwater and freshwater. Along with this survival ability, eelgrass helps hold sediment at the bottom of the river floor, which reduces overall turbidity of the water. These traits make eelgrass perfect for restoring Crystal River’s clarity and providing a stable environment for indigenous wildlife. 

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Nitrates and pH in Water Quality

By |July 18th, 2020|Categories: Below the Water Line, News, Science|

This post shares the importance of nitrate and pH levels in the calculation of water quality. Nitrates are organic compounds found all around us while pH can be influenced by nitrate levels or human contaminants.

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The Word Around Town

Representative Ralph Massullo MD

Save Crystal River has been instrumental in raising awareness on improving our water quality and keeping our community winsome for our residents and visitors. We are blessed to have them working with us.

Ralph Massullo, MD District 34 Representative, State of Florida
Jeff Kinnard

This process of vacuum, clean, plant, and protect is a proven success.The return of grass beds, many species of fish, and the lyngbya-free oxygenated water that attracts them, is an environment that will yield dividends for Citrus County and it’s residents for decades to come.

Jeff Kinnard, D.C. Citrus County Commissioner, Florida
Joe Meek Crystal River Mayor Elect

Save Crystal River’s work is a cross between heavy construction and aquaculture.  It’s amazing what they are achieving and the difference it makes to our community.

Joe Meek, Mayor, City of Crystal River, Florida
Mayor Jim Farley

Save Crystal River provides an outstanding example of how a public-private partnership can accomplish much more than either could alone. This partnership is reclaiming Kings Bay one step at a time.

Jim Farley, Former Mayor, City of Crystal River, Florida
Pat Fitzpatrick

All I can say is WOW. I live on a portion of the Crystal River that has been very positively impacted by the work completed by SAVE CRYSTAL RIVER.  What was once covered in Lyngbya and sludge is now covered in Rock Star eel grass. The water has become much clearer and many different species of fish have returned. I will say it again WOW! Keep up the good work!

Pat Fitzpatrick, Councilman, City of Crystal River, FL
Robert Holmes

I’ve been fortunate enough to grow up on Kings Bay and see the changes happen over the years. This Project initiated by SCR is by far the single most improvement of the Nature Coast. I got to enjoy the water sports and fishing as a kid, and now my family can see what I was lucky enough to enjoy. Thank You SCR!

Robert Holmes, Councilman, City of Crystal River, FL
The work that Save Crystal River is doing in cleaning up our river is wholeheartedly supported by the Chamber. Restoring our waterways is not only the right thing to do from an environmental standpoint, but for economic reasons as well.
Josh Wooten, CEO, Citrus County Chamber of Commerce, Florida

Save Crystal River Supporters