Bold Truths: Over Regulating Florida Waters – Check Out SCR’s Updated Web Site

USFWS throws the Cooperative Agreement with the State of Florida out of balance. The Feds ignore Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission and State law regarding Boaters Rights. Also read about Timeline of Contradictions in seizing Kings Bay

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Bold Truths About
Over Regulating Florida Waters
Find Them in SCR’s Updated Web Site:
    May 29, 2012 – Save Crystal River’s updated web site asks provocative questions andexposes truths about disputes with US Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) & seizing Florida waters.
Check Out:
•  Why is Florida ignored by USFWS?
•  Doubtful facts used to seize Kings Bay
•  Manatee not endangered since 2007;
   Why is nothing done to downlist?
•  Florida & USFWS Agreement thrown out of balance by the Feds.
•  What is the Real Growth of Manatee populations over 20 years?
    About-face Contradictions – In 2009,USFWS stated “..manatees that winter in the Crystal and Homosassa Rivers) are doing quite well..population growth rates and adult survival rates in this area have been increasing and are among the highest in the State”.
   In 2010, USFWS seized Kings Bay anywayflouting the ESA’s “emergency rule” which requires the “species be at risk” but they already admitted it was not. See a Timeline of contradictions seizing Kings Bay.
Faulty Boating Economics
   Ignoring a 2009 study by Mich State U & hosted by Fla Wildlife Commission, USFWS used inflated boat registration figures to shove the Kings Bay seizure past objections from:
•  Congressmen;
•  Both houses of the Florida Legislature;
•  Unanimous vote by Citrus County BOCC
•  Unanimous vote by Crystal River City Council
•  Florida FWC Commission;
•  1,500 local SCR Petition signers;
•  Coastal Conservation Assoc-Florida Chapter
This is why SaveCrystalRiver, Inc is determined to Remove Federal Control of Kings Bay AND work to protect other communities from the over-reach of USFWS. Please join us.
Boating Threatened
Is USFWS Coming to your community<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /> next?
        Over regulation of boating by USFWS threatens this economic engine ASK:
    Is USFWS coming to your community or County next to over regulate boating and saltwater fishing “solely to prevent” the disturbance of one manatee?
    Michigan State University’s Recreational Marine Research Center – hosted by Florida FWC Commission – estimates boating has a $60 Millioneconomic impact in Citrus County.
•  Calculate Your County’s economic impact from boating
•  Jobs – over 64,000 from commercial fisheries on Florida’s Gulf Coast alone
   According to Florida FWC Commission:
•  Florida is the “Fishing Capital of the World” with more world record catches than any other state or country.”
•  Florida also leads all states in economic impacts for its marine recreational fisheries.
   Why would we want to destroy it by over regulation?
What you can do:
•   Sign the e-Petition to FWC
    Commissioners to Amend
    USFWS & Florida
•   E-Mail your local elected
    officials to Support Amending
    out of balance Florida &
    USFWS Agreement
•   Donate
•   Join our E-News List
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