Petition to down-list the West Indian Manatee…


FWS has concluded that a petition to down-list the West Indian manatee presented substantial evidence and contains enough information to warrant a full-blown status review, which it said it would conduct along with the required five-year review for the species. The 90-day finding will be published in the Federal Register Today, July 2nd.

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“Our lawsuit was necessary because environmental policy has to be kept honest.  Changing the manatee’s status from endangered to threatened won’t change the protections for the species.  But not changing that status — when the science says it should be changed — will undermine the credibility of environmental oversight, and that’s bad news for all species and all environmental concerns” stated PLF attorney Christina M. Martin who is based in PLF’s Atlantic Center Office.

Save Crystal River, Inc. believes it is important to preserve a healthy environment but it is equally important to preserve the rule of law and integrity of the regulatory process.  Unfortunately, litigation had become necessary in order to make the government follow the findings of science, and obey its own rules.