How YOU Can Help Save Kings Bay

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Every single person who lives in your neighborhood has an impact on the health of Kings Bay and Crystal River. The closer you are to the water, the bigger the impact. The most important thing to know is that you and every resident has an interest in and responsibility to do what they can. And there’s a lot you can do.

Whether removing algae, planting eelgrass or helping with outreach, there are plenty of ways you can contribute when you volunteer with us. Email us today. Describe your skills. We’ll find a way for you to join our cause.

  • But wait, there’s more!
    If your home has a seawall, you can directly do something by removing the invasive and harmful algae then planting and growing native plants.
  • Help improve water quality in your backyard by using smart landscaping techniques to reduce some of Kings Bay’s biggest pollutants—sediments and nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus. Native vegetation demands less water, fertilizers and pesticides. Learn to live with a weed or two. Lawn fertilizers and chemicals are a big source of nitrogen and phosphorus pollution and toxic runoff. So is animal waste so scoop the poop!
  • Avoid pouring toxic substances down storm drains. Don’t dump hazardous materials like solvents, paints and preservatives. They go directly into streams and waterways right to Kings Bay, polluting along the way. Since most pollution comes from our streets and neighborhoods, you can make a difference by properly recycling and disposing of your own trash and unwanted items. The mercury in just a few batteries, CFLs and old thermometers can contaminate millions of gallons of Kings Bay water. Use the Citrus County hazardous waste collection program instead.
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